Hi there. It’s been a while.

But guess what – I am alive – yay!

And I miss this page, and I have so much to share. So I’m coming back, with good eats (can I FINALLY put my cooking classes from NOLA last year to good use and pull off a Mardi Gras dinner party with crawfish étouffée and seafood gumbo and bread pudding?!), and photo documented wanderlust, and a snippet into the perfectly ordinary but celebrated moments of my life.

2016 is going to be a good year for me. It really has to be, because I’ve been saying for YEARS now that I’m meant to reach my peak at 24, and then will just maintain that until menopause. Was speaking about my physical peak, of course, but after lots of quiet self-reflection these last few months, I’ve decided that I want to really push myself to be the best version of me that’s ever existed! I turned 23 last month, so it’s time to kick it into high gear…

Ideal me – I want to be kind to others, and be an especially good friend. Be involved in the community. Nurture my mind, broaden my perspectives, and be engaged. Reconnect with my hobbies (hellooo knitted afghan, finishing you may be my loftiest 2016 goal yet!). Find the opportunities to travel and make the best memories!!

To that end, here’s the plan –

  1. Form some good and lasting exercise habits. Like seriously… More concrete goal – run a half marathon this year in 1:55. Seriously… Looking at you, Chicago Rock ‘N Roll Half. Coming for you.
  2. Read two books per month. Obtained a Kindle about 10 days ago, and have not been able to put it down since, so this should be easy. Started with My Life on the Road, Gloria Steinem, per Emma Watson’s new book club! Continued with The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins, psychological thriller. Couldn’t be more different, obsessed with both. Now reading another fluff thriller while waiting for the next 5 books on my list to become available for checkout from the library!
  3. Volunteer Friday evenings 7-8pm at Liberty Plaza, handing out hot food and drinks and packets of groceries and donated clothing items (especially warm, in the winter!)
  4. Join Ann Arbor Meet-Ups. The first one I did was awesome, what a fun community!
  5. Keep up with the little things. Make Hunter’s days for no reason. Make friends’ days for no reason.
  6. Hobbies – finish my afghan!!! Blog!!!
  7. Full steam ahead with my travels, and never lose my sense of gratitude for having the means and opportunity, and amazement for how big and exciting and marvelous this world of ours is.

Okay sorries for the long, text-y post. Will be the last of this kind for a while.

Stay tuned!