Thursday Thoughts – 9/24/15

  1. Got my Nando’s sauces in the mail. Thank you Nando’s <3. The peri peri saga continues...
  2. Started a new, fun “tradition” this week! Happy Hump Days (with Hunt). We’ve decided that we’re going to set aside about an hour every Wednesday to do something special together, even if small (like a long walk)! Just to be able to put away and turn off everything else, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a nice way (after all this time, and now with us living together and seeing each other all the time) to continue treating our relationship as something really special to us. Don’t forget folks – if you love, love openly, often, and well! Plus Ann Arbor has really awesome happy hour specials hehe. This week we went and indulged on half off glasses of wine and sushi rolls. Will never, ever say no to sushi rolls. Or wine.
  3. These potato latke waffles by smitten kitchen were fun to make, and reminded me of the winter markets in Europe! And I love smitten kitchen.
  4. I’ve been watching Criminal Minds again… ever since Netflix started relentlessly reminding me that Season 10 came out for streaming… HOOKED ALL OVER AGAIN. Matthew Gray Gubler is my #mcm on this Thursday, whatever. His twitter is my absolute favorite. Also, this show has started making me cry during episodes sometimes… don’t remember if it used to?? I JUST LOVE THESE CHARACTERS AND THEIR STORIES.
  5. Kroger pleased me this week! The one we shop at had a nice display of moon cakes, just in time for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival this weekend! Of course, I already have a beautiful box of moon cakes ready to eat, gifted from mama. Just need to gather some friends to share them with.
  6. Daydreaming about my next trip(s) already. Looking at California for next on my radar. One of my best friends in the whole world just moved there, and I can’t wait to visit.
  7. Am I the only person who isn’t super digging the Ryan Adams 1989 cover album?
  8. Starting my DSLR education! Sort of. Via WhatsApp and Snapchat directions haha. We’ll see how this goes… I’ll really try to make a greater effort at learning how to use this thing.
  9. Excellent reminder that I can’t not smile in photos. If you try to direct me to do ANYTHING else or make ANY other kind of expression, this is what might happen… (photo credit and direction by Sijia, June 2013)










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