Monthly “Make it Happen” List – September 2015

  1. Tune guitar and learn a few songs. I now have an acoustic guitar (Yamaha F310 for anyone who knows anything about guitars aka not me) snugly sitting in a black case in the corner of my living room. It belonged to my dad and I don’t think it’s been touched in several years, but it has a new home here now! And I mean, if 14 year old Justin Bieber can do this with a guitar, I should totally be able to learn a few chords/songs, right?
  2. Make an art trip to Detroit. I love Detroit. I hugely believe in its roots, stories, arts, and am a supporter of its revival! Saw this article on 35 must-see pieces of street art in Detroit, and definitely need to make a trip out to see how many I can find.
  3. Check out Literati events. Literati is the bookstore right across the street from the new lofty, and it’s so charming, and it has a monthly calendar of events that it hosts! I first heard of it last year when a couple of my friends went to a British books and cheese event that it hosted. British books and cheese! I’m considering joining the book club.
  4. RUN (before half-marathon in Oct…) Yep. I’m running my first half-marathon in October. How’s my training going? Don’t really want to talk about it.
  5. Learn how to belly dance. My friend Kelly has actually convinced me to sign up for belly dancing classes with her at Leilah Dances. They start next week. I’m not convinced that I’ll be very successful at it (that region of my body just doesn’t move that way!) but hey, we’ll see what happens.
  6. Obtain Indian chai. And practice making it until satisfactory. I miss the stuff, and the friend who used to make it for me all the time.
  7. Compile a list of apple recipes (in prep for apple orchard season!). I LOVE APPLE ORCHARD SEASON. In the years that I lived in Chicago, apple orchards and cider mills are what I missed the most about Michigan. Fun fact – did you know that the nearest “apple picking” experience around Chicago is a drive super far west to pick apples out of crates? Crates that are IMPORTED FROM MICHIGAN.

Cook: PERI PERI CHICKEN. (Stay tuned for a post!)
Read: Just Mercy (Bryan Stevenson), All the Light We Cannot See (Anthony Doerr)


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